Algorithm: Definition, History, and Characteristics

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Algoritma: Pengertian, Sejarah, dan Ciri-Ciri
Algoritma: Pengertian, Sejarah, dan Ciri-Ciri

jlk – Algorithm, a crucial concept in the world of programming, serves as the backbone in solving various problems using computers.

An algorithm is a detailed series of steps that assemble a solution to a problem.

However, how exactly does the algorithm root in history and what are its distinctive features?

The term “algorithm” originates from the name of an Arab scientist named Abu Jafar Muhammad Ibnu Musa Al Khuwarizmi. His surname, Al Khuwarizmi, was Latinized to “algorismus,” which then became “algorithm” in the Indonesian language.

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He is considered the father of algebra and a contributor to mathematics and science.

Characteristics of Algorithms

  1. Finiteness: An algorithm must have an endpoint. This means that the algorithm must stop after executing its steps, not running continuously without bounds.
  2. Definiteness: Each step in the algorithm must be clear and unambiguous. This helps avoid misunderstandings or errors in problem-solving.
  3. Input: An algorithm can have one or more input data before its process begins. This input data serves as the basis for solving the problem at hand.
  4. Output: Like input data, an algorithm must produce one or more output data related to the input. This output is the solution to the problem encountered.
  5. Effectiveness: An algorithm must be efficient in its use of time and resources. Additionally, the algorithm must use simple operations that are easy to execute.
  6. Structured: An algorithm must be systematically and logically organized. This facilitates understanding and following its steps.

Benefits of Algorithms

In the world of programming, algorithms are the backbone of program design. Their ability to connect input with output is key to solving various problems. Algorithms also assist programmers in checking the accuracy and performance of their programs.

Thus, algorithms are not just a concept in the programming world. More than that, algorithms are the main foundation that supports various technological innovations we enjoy today.

With a deep understanding of algorithms, developers can design efficient and effective solutions to various technological challenges.

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