BRI Distributes Holiday Bonuses! IDR 48.1 Trillion Dividends Ready to Flow to Shareholders

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BRI Bagi-bagi THR! Rp48,1 Triliun Dividen Siap Mengalir ke Pemegang Saham
BRI Bagi-bagi THR! Rp48,1 Triliun Dividen Siap Mengalir ke Pemegang Saham

jlk- PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. (BBRI), or BRI, has announced a cash dividend distribution of IDR 48.1 trillion.

This decision was made during the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (RUPST) held on Friday, March 1, 2024.

The dividend is equivalent to 80% of BRI’s consolidated net profit for the fiscal year 2023.

The dividend value consists of the fiscal year 2023 interim dividend of IDR 12.67 trillion that BRI distributed to shareholders earlier this year. The remaining IDR 35.43 trillion will be distributed by BRI later.

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This year’s dividend distribution is a 10.59% increase from the IDR 43.49 trillion distributed in 2023.

BRI’s President Director, Sunarso, stated in a virtual press conference, “The use of consolidated net profit attributable to the parent entity’s owner for the year 2023 is 80% or at least IDR 48.1 trillion or IDR 319 per share. That is the dividend given in cash.”

With 151.55 billion outstanding shares, the dividend per share from BRI reaches IDR 319 per share.

A total of IDR 84 per share has already been distributed as interim dividends, leaving IDR 235 per share.

The government, as the controlling shareholder with a 53.18% stake, will receive IDR 25.71 trillion. Meanwhile, the public will receive IDR 22.39 trillion in dividends.

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BRI recorded a consolidated net profit of IDR 60.43 trillion throughout 2023, marking a 17.55% increase from the previous year’s IDR 51.41 trillion.

For the bank alone, BRI’s profit reached IDR 53.15 trillion, up 11.12% year-on-year from the same position last year at IDR 47.83 trillion.

BRI’s Net Interest Income (NII) rose to IDR 135.18 trillion by the end of December 2023, compared to the previous period at IDR 124.6 trillion in 2022.

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BRI also recorded a 10.34% year-on-year increase in fee-based income to IDR 20.74 trillion throughout 2023.

The 2024 RUPST also approved changes to the company’s board of directors. RUPST honorably dismissed and reappointed Catur Budi Harto as BRI’s Vice President Director, Agus Noorsanto as Director of Wholesale & Institutional Business, and Agus Sudiarto as Director of Risk Management.

The meeting also dismissed Hendrikus Ivo as Independent Commissioner and appointed Haryo Baskoro Wicaksono as BRI’s Independent Commissioner. Baskoro’s appointment is still pending approval from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

BRI’s decision to distribute a cash dividend of IDR 48.1 trillion demonstrates their commitment to providing optimal returns to shareholders.

With a positive performance in 2023, BRI hopes to continue making a significant contribution to shareholders and the Indonesian economy as a whole.

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