Can Money Buy Victory? A Critical Review of Western Military Aid to Ukraine

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jlk – Ukraine, a country situated between two major powers, Europe and Russia, is facing the threat of invasion from its stronger neighbor.

Since 2022, Russia has occupied parts of eastern Ukraine, known as Donbas, and continues to escalate military pressure on the borders.

Ukraine, lacking sufficient troops, armaments, and ammunition to resist, has sought assistance from its allies in the West, particularly the United States (US) and the European Union (EU).

However, is the military aid provided by the West sufficient to help Ukraine defend its sovereignty?

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Can money buy victory in this unequal war? This article will critically review several key aspects related to Western military aid to Ukraine, namely:

  • The amount and type of military aid provided by the West
  • The impact and effectiveness of Western military aid for Ukraine
  • The challenges and risks faced by the West in providing military aid to Ukraine

Amount and Type of Military Aid Provided by the West

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