Google Celebrates Ingenuity Helicopter’s Success on Mars with Hidden Message

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Google Rayakan Keberhasilan Helikopter Ingenuity di Mars dengan Pesan Tersembunyi
Google Rayakan Keberhasilan Helikopter Ingenuity di Mars dengan Pesan Tersembunyi

jlk – Google is not one to miss out on celebrating NASA’s remarkable achievement of flying the Ingenuity helicopter on the planet Mars. Through its renowned search platform, Google has hidden a secret message depicting the Ingenuity helicopter flying across users’ screens.

Finding this hidden message is quite simple. Users only need to perform a simple search using keywords such as “Ingenuity” or “Mars Ingenuity Helicopter” in the Google search box. Upon searching, users will be greeted with an orange-colored helicopter icon with spinning blades appearing at the bottom of the search results page.

By clicking on this helicopter icon, users can witness the Ingenuity helicopter “flying” within the Google search results page. The page’s appearance will change to an orange hue, reminiscent of the Martian atmosphere. This effect will cease when users navigate away from the page or close the icon by clicking the “X” button at the top of the screen.

This hidden message serves as Google’s appreciation for NASA’s outstanding feat of flying the first powered helicopter on another planet. Weighing just 1.8 kilograms, the Ingenuity helicopter managed to stay airborne for 30 seconds in the extreme temperatures and atmospheric pressure of Mars.

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This flight success opens up new possibilities for future exploration on Mars using unmanned helicopters capable of capturing images and data from various perspectives. Additionally, the Ingenuity helicopter has been hailed as a significant milestone in the use of environmentally-friendly nuclear fusion technology, hence deserving the title of “holy grail” of energy.

By embedding this hidden message, Google is celebrating and commemorating a historic moment in space exploration, providing an engaging experience for users interested in humanity’s achievements in outer space.

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