Hooray! BRI’s Jumbo Net Profit, Shareholders Receive Dividends of Rp48.1 Trillion.

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Hore! Laba Bersih BRI Jumbo, Pemegang Saham Kebagian Dividen Rp48,1 Triliun
Hore! Laba Bersih BRI Jumbo, Pemegang Saham Kebagian Dividen Rp48,1 Triliun

jlk – PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (Persero) or BRI, one of the state-owned banks in Indonesia, recently announced good news for its shareholders.

During the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) held on March 1, 2024, BRI decided to distribute dividends amounting to IDR 48.1 trillion.

The dividend is equivalent to 80% of the total consolidated net profit for the year 2023. The cash dividend consists of the interim dividend for the fiscal year 2023 amounting to IDR 12.67 trillion, which was distributed to shareholders earlier this year. The remaining amount of IDR 35.43 trillion will be distributed by BRI.

The dividend per share from BRI reaches IDR 319 per share, based on the circulating shares of 151.55 billion shares. Of this, IDR 84 per share has already been distributed as interim dividends, leaving IDR 235 per share.

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BRI’s President Director, Sunarso, stated in a press conference on Friday, March 1, 2024, “In recognition of the performance achievement, the AGMS has approved the use of 80% of the consolidated net profit attributable to the owners as dividends, totaling at least IDR 48.1 trillion.”

Compared to the dividend distribution in the previous year, the value of BRI’s dividends increased by 10.57% annually. BRI distributed cash dividends totaling IDR 43.5 trillion last year, reaching 85% of the total net profit in 2022.

From this dividend distribution, the government as the controlling shareholder with a 53.18% stake will receive IDR 25.71 trillion, while the public will receive dividends of IDR 22.39 trillion.

BRI recorded a high dividend distribution ratio in line with the impressive net profit achievement in the fiscal year 2023. BRI achieved a consolidated net profit of IDR 60.43 trillion throughout 2023, marking a 17.55% increase from the same period the previous year, which stood at IDR 51.41 trillion.

For the banking segment alone, BRI’s profit reached IDR 53.15 trillion, up 11.12% year on year from the same position the previous year, which was IDR 47.83 trillion.

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The net profit of this BBRI-coded bank was driven by an 8.5% year-on-year increase in net interest income (NII). This income rose to IDR 135.18 trillion by the end of December 2023, compared to the previous period of IDR 124.6 trillion in 2022.

BRI also recorded a 10.34% year-on-year increase in commission-based income, reaching IDR 20.74 trillion throughout 2023. For comparison, in the same period the previous year, BRI earned IDR 18.79 trillion.

Additionally, BRI achieved a 16.48% increase in other income, reaching IDR 28.94 trillion throughout 2023, compared to the previous amount of IDR 24.84 trillion.

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This news is undoubtedly a breath of fresh air for BRI shareholders. With continuously increasing net profits and significant dividend distributions, BRI demonstrates its commitment to adding value for its shareholders.

Hooray! BRI’s Jumbo Net Profit, Shareholders Receive IDR 48.1 Trillion in Dividends.

As a note, BRI had distributed interim dividends amounting to IDR 12.7 trillion on January 18, 2024. At that time, shareholders received dividends equivalent to IDR 84 per share. Thus, the remaining cash dividend amount to be paid to shareholders is at least IDR 35.43 trillion or IDR 235 per share.

The dividends distributed by BRI this year increased by 10.59% compared to the amount paid in 2023, which was IDR 43.49 trillion.

In detail, dividends amounting to IDR 18.94 trillion will be paid to the Republic of Indonesia for its ownership of 53% of BRI shares. The remaining amount of IDR 16.49 trillion is for the public.

Historically, this state-owned bank has been quite consistent in dividend distribution and its magnitude. In the last two years, the dividend distribution ratio by BRI reached 85%.

Hopefully, this information provides you with a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of BRI’s financial performance and dividend distribution. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

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