Indonesia, Medan Kurusetra Proxy War

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jlk – There is an analogy that depicts Indonesia as the Kurusetra battlefield, the epic battleground in the Mahabharata story.

However, in this context, the war referred to is not physical warfare, but rather ideological warfare, information warfare, economic warfare, and cultural warfare.

This is a war invisible to the naked eye, yet its effects are very real and profound.

Indonesia, with its abundant natural resources and strategic position between two oceans, has become a prime target for major powers to conduct what is known as “proxy war”.

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They seek to influence Indonesia’s policies and political direction, not directly, but through various subtle and often undetected channels and methods.

For example, envision Indonesia as a giant chessboard. The players are major countries like the United States, China, and Russia. They play chess using their pawns in Indonesia.

These pawns can be non-governmental organizations, political parties, media outlets, or even specific individuals who have influence in society.

However, do not misunderstand. This article is not an unfounded accusation, but rather an effort to open our eyes that proxy war is not a myth but a reality that we must face together.

Let us continue our journey in understanding more deeply about proxy war in Indonesia…

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Proxy War: What and How?

Proxy war is a conflict in which two or more major countries use third parties as their substitutes to wage war.

They do so to avoid direct conflict that could lead to large-scale war and wider destruction.

In the context of Indonesia, proxy war could mean the efforts of major countries to influence Indonesia’s policies and political direction through various means, such as funding non-governmental organizations, media intervention, or even character assassination.

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Indonesia as the Proxy War Battlefield

Indonesia, with a population of over 270 million and its strategic position between two oceans, is an attractive target for major powers to conduct proxy war.

They see Indonesia as a fertile ground to influence and control.

However, as a nation, we must be aware and vigilant of these efforts. We must learn from history and the experiences of other countries that have fallen victim to proxy war.


Proxy war is a reality we must face. However, it does not mean we should fear and resign ourselves. As a great nation, we must stand firm and safeguard our sovereignty.

Remember, in the game of chess, a pawn that seems weak and powerless can become a strong and powerful queen if it successfully reaches the end of the board. So, let us turn every challenge into an opportunity to become stronger and better.

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