Is Your Phone Always Running Out of Storage? Identify the Causes and Solutions!

Noer Huda By Noer Huda
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HP Kamu Sering Penuh? Yuk, Kenali Penyebab dan Solusinya!
HP Kamu Sering Penuh? Yuk, Kenali Penyebab dan Solusinya!

jlk – Many smartphone users find themselves puzzled and frustrated when they discover that their device’s internal memory is full, even though they haven’t installed many apps.

This phenomenon is often referred to as the ‘vanishing memory mystery.’

Main Causes

Several main factors contribute to this issue:

  • Accumulated Cache Files: Apps like YouTube, WhatsApp, and games often store temporary data known as cache to speed up loading processes. However, these files can accumulate and take up significant space.
  • Overflowing Emails: Email apps that are rarely cleaned out can lead to a large accumulation of emails that consume a lot of memory.
  • System Updates: Operating system and app updates also require storage space, which can reduce the available space.


To address this problem, users can:

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  • Clear Cache: Regularly clearing app caches can free up memory.
  • Manage Emails: Deleting old and unnecessary emails and limiting synchronization to only the latest emails can help.
  • Monitor Updates: Keeping track of installed updates and deleting old or unnecessary ones can free up space.


While there may not be a perfect solution, a better understanding of what causes the ‘vanishing memory mystery’ can help users manage their smartphone storage more effectively.

With the right steps, we can reduce the occurrence of mysterious full memory and keep our smartphones running smoothly.

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