Putin Wins Again: World Leaders Extend Congratulations

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jlk – Last Saturday-Sunday, the world witnessed Vladimir Putin’s resounding victory in the presidential election.

However, this victory has been described by many Western governments as unfair and undemocratic.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, for example, said the election highlighted the “depth of oppression” in Russia.

However, congratulatory messages flowed from Asia and Latin America, sharply contrasting with comments from leaders across Europe and the US. Let’s look at some of the leaders who congratulated Putin.

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Algerian President

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune on Monday, March 18, 2024, conveyed congratulations to Vladimir Putin on his victory in the Russian election. This is the fifth time Putin has won the Russian election, and he will lead the Red Bear country for the next six years.

Chinese President

Chinese President Xi Jinping quickly congratulated Putin on his victory. Xi said Beijing would continue to promote the “boundless” partnership that has been forged with Moscow.

North Korean Leader

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un also sent congratulations on Vladimir Putin’s victory in the 2024 Russian Presidential Election.

First Country Visited by Putin

After this victory, Putin said he would consider China as his first foreign trip destination.

Facing increasingly tense relations with the US, China has been trying to expand its influence internationally.

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Strengthened by the belief that the era of US hegemony has ended, Beijing has sought to secure its own sphere of influence different from the West – and Russia under Putin has proven to be a willing partner in this endeavor.

That’s the news about world leaders extending congratulations to Vladimir Putin after winning the Russian Presidential Election. Hopefully, this news provides new insights for readers. Happy reading!

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