Tension Between France and Russia: Military Strength and the Threat of War

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jlk – France and Russia, two countries with significant military capabilities, are now on the brink of war. This situation arises after Moscow’s intelligence reported that France plans to send troops to Ukraine. However, the country led by Emmanuel Macron denies this report.

French Military Readiness

Despite denying Russia’s intelligence report, the French military asserts its readiness if war becomes necessary. French General Staff Pierre Schill, in his article in the French media Le Monde, stated, “Regardless of how the international situation may develop, the French people are confident that their army is ready to respond.”

Schill also emphasized that the French military’s capabilities are sufficient to deter attacks on France. “To defend against all attacks and uphold our interests, the French army is prepared even for heavy combat,” he wrote.

Comparison of Military Strength

Russia and France have relatively balanced military strengths. Russia ranks second out of 145 countries in military strength, with a power index of 0.0702. Russia has a total of 1,320,000 active military personnel and 2,000,000 reserves.

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Meanwhile, France ranks 11th out of 145 countries with a power index of 0.1878. France has a total of 200,000 active military personnel and 26,000 reserves.

Threat of War

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Director Sergey Naryshkin stated that France is preparing to deploy its troops to Ukraine. According to him, Paris is preparing to deploy up to 2,000 troops to Kyiv.

“The French army will indeed be a legitimate priority target for attacks by the Russian Armed Forces,” said Naryshkin.


Tensions between France and Russia are escalating. Despite France’s denial of Russia’s intelligence report, the country reaffirms its readiness for war. With significant military capabilities, the conflict between the two countries has the potential to escalate into a major war. However, we all hope for peace to be achieved and war to be avoided.

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