China: Superpower or Sibling State?

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Tiongkok: Negara Adikuasa atau Negara Adik Usaha?
Tiongkok: Negara Adikuasa atau Negara Adik Usaha?

jlk – China, known for its Great Wall, adorable pandas, and instant noodles, has now become one of the most spotlighted countries in the international arena.

Not because they successfully developed a vaccine for the coronavirus originating from there, but because they are predicted to surpass the United States as a superpower in the future.

However, will this prediction really come true? Does China have all the qualifications to become a respected and feared superpower by other nations?

Or is China just a sibling state constantly striving to mimic and catch up with the advancements of developed countries?

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In this article, we will try to examine several aspects that determine China’s position as a potential superpower, such as economic strength, military power, and soft power.

We will also look at some challenges and obstacles faced by China in realizing its ambition as a superpower.

Economic Strength

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