Do the US Accusations of Xenophobia Against China Reflect Reality?

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On a day in April 2024, the world was surprised by the bold statement from the President of the United States, Joe Biden, who accused China of being “xenophobic” and engaging in unfair trade practices.

This statement, delivered with a strong tone, has triggered equally strong reactions from China.

“Are these Words Directed at China or the US Itself?”

That was the question posed by the spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lin Jian, during a routine press conference on Thursday (April 18, 2024) in Beijing, China. The statement was made in response to Biden’s remarks to steel industry workers in Pittsburgh on Wednesday (April 17, 2024), where he said that China has “real problems.”

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Biden mentioned, “They have more people retiring than they have workers. They don’t import anything, they’re xenophobic, nobody comes, nobody goes in. They have real problems,” he said at the time.

Xenophobia or Reality?

Xenophobia refers to the feeling of hatred, fear, or unease towards foreigners or something unfamiliar.

However, does this accusation of xenophobia truly reflect the reality, or is it just political rhetoric used to achieve certain goals?

Lin called on the US to engage in healthy competition and adhere to WTO regulations. He stated, “Immediately withdraw all protectionist trade measures against China. China will do whatever is necessary to protect its rights,” said the spokesperson.

Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum: New Weapons in the Trade War

In his speech to United Steelworkers voters during a campaign in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden also mentioned an increase in tariffs on steel against China.

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Biden stated that he had asked the US Trade Representative to triple the tariffs for steel and aluminum from China if Beijing is confirmed to engage in anti-competitive practices.

Is this Just the Beginning?

With the increasing tension between these two major powers, the question is, is this just the beginning of a larger conflict? Or is this simply part of the ever-changing dynamics of international relations?

Only time will tell. However, one thing is certain: the world will continue to closely monitor every step taken by these two countries.

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