Gaza Stage: The Political Drama of Russia-China and the US at the UN Security Council

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jlk – In the midst of the ever bustling world stage, a political drama once again captivates the platform of the United Nations Security Council.

This time, Russia and China play the role of agile veto duo, gracefully maneuvering on the stage of resolutions proposed by the United States.

The resolution, aimed at halting the violence in Gaza, seems to have to swallow the bitter pill of rejection.

Agile Veto Duo

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Russia: With its finesse, this country accuses the US of “hypocritical spectacle.” As if in an opera performance, Russia sings critical notes against the US’s main ally, Israel, which has yet to be pressured to stop its attacks.

China: With equally nimble steps, China avoids the central issue with ambiguous language.

Zhang Jun, China’s representative, resembling a director highlighting a vague script, criticizes the resolution draft for not providing definite answers about the implementation of a ceasefire.

The US and Its Resolution: On the other hand, the US, like a scriptwriter striving hard to win the audience’s hearts, submits a resolution emphasizing the importance of an immediate and sustainable ceasefire.

However, unfortunately, this resolution is considered merely a “blow in the form of mentioning a ceasefire in Gaza” by Russia.

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Drama on the UN Security Council Stage: The United Nations Security Council, serving as the stage for these international actors, may consider another resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire.

However, as in every drama, there is rejection, as indicated by US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who describes Russia and China’s veto as not only cynical but also petty.

In this article, we witness how the international political stage can become a theater of satire filled with irony.

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Where each country plays the role of actors trying to convey their messages, sometimes in the most dramatic ways. However, behind this theater curtain, the lives and future of Gaza residents depend on the decisions made on that stage.

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