GREAT Scholarship: Your Golden Ticket to Your Dream University in England!

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jlk – Do you have a bachelor’s degree and wish to further your studies in England? Are you interested in various fields of study, ranging from law, the environment, technology, to the arts?

Are you from one of the 15 countries participating in the GREAT Scholarships program?

If your answer is yes, then you have the opportunity to receive a GREAT scholarship offering £10,000 for the tuition fees of a one-year postgraduate program at leading universities in England.

GREAT Scholarships is a scholarship program organized by the British Council, along with the UK government through the GREAT Britain campaign and participating UK higher education institutions.

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The program aims to support international students from Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Ghana, Greece, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam, to pursue quality education in England.

For the academic year 2024-25, there are 210 scholarships offered by 71 universities in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

These scholarships cover various fields of study, such as law, the environment, technology, business, health, arts, and more. You can find a complete list of universities and available programs on the respective country’s web page.

In addition to general scholarships, there are also specific scholarships for certain fields of study, namely GREAT Scholarships for justice and law and GREAT Scholarships for science and technology.

These scholarships are intended for students who want to specialize in law and justice, as well as science and technology, with the same scholarship value of £10,000.

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To apply for a GREAT scholarship, you must meet the requirements set by the university and program you choose. These requirements may vary depending on academic criteria, English language proficiency, and requested supporting documents.

You must also ensure that you meet the visa and immigration requirements for studying in England.

The deadline for GREAT scholarship applications also varies, depending on the university and program you apply for. However, most deadlines are around March, April, and May 2024, for starting studies in September 2024.

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Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare and submit your application according to the specified schedule.

Receiving a GREAT scholarship not only means receiving financial assistance for studying in England but also means becoming part of a dynamic and diverse academic and professional community.

As a GREAT scholarship recipient, you will be invited to welcome events in the first semester and networking events in the second semester.

You will also have the opportunity to learn from experts in your field, interact with students from various backgrounds and cultures, and explore the richness and beauty of England.

Some previous GREAT scholarship recipients have shared their experiences and impressions of studying in England with this scholarship.

They talked about how this scholarship helped them realize their dreams, enhance their skills and knowledge, and provide them with inspiration and motivation to contribute to society and the world.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to have an extraordinary learning experience in England with a GREAT scholarship, find out more about this program and submit your application now.

Who knows, you could be one of this year’s GREAT scholarship recipients. Good luck!

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