How Does It Feel to Be a Teenager Before Technology Changed Lives?

Noer Huda By Noer Huda
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Gimana Jadinya Jadi Remaja Sebelum Gawai Merajalela?
Gimana Jadinya Jadi Remaja Sebelum Gawai Merajalela?

jlk – Technology has brought about many changes in our lives, especially for the younger generation.

Today’s teenagers are growing up with smartphones, the internet, social media, and various apps that make communication, learning, having fun, and expressing themselves easier. However, what was it like to be a teenager before technology influenced their lives?

Some people who experienced adolescence in the era before technology developed rapidly, what were their challenges and pleasures, and what made them different from teenagers nowadays.

Reading as a Faithful Companion

In the past, reading books, magazines, and newspapers was an inseparable part of teenagers’ lives. They enjoyed seeking various reading materials for entertainment and knowledge.

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Visiting libraries, bookstores, or kiosks was an indispensable ritual. Comics, novels, encyclopedias, biographies, short stories, poetry, all became faithful companions that opened windows to the world.

Outdoor Adventures

Teenagers in the past spent more time outdoors than being trapped indoors. Playing soccer, basketball, or jumping rope were common activities.

Cycling, walking, or taking public transportation became ways to explore the surrounding environment. They felt a freedom and physical activity rarely found in the digital age.

Landline Phones and Coin Queues

At that time, cell phones and the internet were not everyday necessities. Teenagers could only rely on landline phones or coin-operated ones scattered in public places.

They had to wait their turn, pay fees, and limit their conversation time. Each conversation was considered valuable because it was limited by the technological constraints of that era.

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Limited Entertainment: Television, Radio, and Cinema

Entertainment for teenagers in the past was limited to watching television, listening to the radio, or going to the movies. They had to follow the schedule set by television or radio stations without being able to choose programs according to their preferences.

Unlike now, they did not have the luxury of rewinding or downloading their favorite shows.

Learning with Conventional Methods

Information was not as easily accessible as it is now. Teenagers had to learn through traditional methods using textbooks, notes, and dictionaries.

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They did not have the convenience of searching for answers or assistance on the internet. Exams were conducted manually without computer involvement. Discipline and responsibility in learning were the keys to their success.

Through these experiences, teenagers in the past had their own uniqueness and advantages that shaped their characters. Despite living without advanced technology, they were able to find happiness and depth in every moment of their lives.

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