How King Frederik Spoiled Queen Mary’s Coronation Moment

Alvin Karunia By Alvin Karunia
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Coronation moments are supposed to be joyous and honorable occasions for royal couples. However, that was not the case for King Frederik and Queen Mary of Denmark, who experienced an embarrassing incident while standing on the balcony of Christiansborg Palace in front of thousands of their subjects.

The royal couple had just been announced as the new king and queen of Denmark, succeeding Queen Margrethe II, who abdicated after a 52-year reign. King Frederik and Queen Mary were popular among the Danish people, especially due to their fairytale-like love story.

Queen Mary, an Australian woman, met Prince Frederik in a pub in Sydney during the 2000 Olympics. They maintained a long-distance relationship and eventually married in 2004. They now have four children, including Prince Christian, the heir to the throne.

However, their relationship was marred by rumors of infidelity involving King Frederik. Tabloids reported that the king had an affair with a model named Helene Christensen, also from Denmark. This issue caused Queen Mary heartache and anger, and there were even rumors of a potential divorce.

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Nevertheless, the royal couple displayed a harmonious and united front in public, especially during their coronation moment. They held hands, exchanged loving gazes, and shared a kiss on the balcony, cheered on by the crowd.

But then, an unexpected incident occurred. King Frederik, perhaps too enthusiastic, kissed Queen Mary too forcefully, causing the crown she was wearing to come loose and fall to the floor. Queen Mary was shocked and tried to catch her crown, but it was too late. The crown rolled on the balcony floor, nearly falling off.

Fortunately, a royal guard quickly retrieved the crown and returned it to Queen Mary, who looked embarrassed and awkward. King Frederik apologized to Queen Mary with a red face, offering a sheepish smile. They attempted to continue the event as if nothing happened, but their faces still showed signs of nervousness.

This incident became a topic of discussion and mockery on social media, especially among royal enthusiasts. Many believed that King Frederik was disrespectful to Queen Mary, who should have been the center of attention during the coronation. Some even speculated that King Frederik did it intentionally as retaliation for the infidelity rumors.

However, there were also sympathetic voices, considering the incident an unintentional accident. Some believed that King Frederik simply wanted to express his affection for Queen Mary. Others saw it as a funny and entertaining joke, adding uniqueness and charm to the royal couple.

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Regardless, this incident did not diminish the respect and love the Danish people have for King Frederik and Queen Mary, who are seen as symbols of unity and progress for the nation. The hope is that this royal couple can lead wisely and justly, maintaining the harmony and happiness of their family.

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