How Putin’s Chess Game Utilizes Russia’s Swift Strategy in Avdiivka

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Kisanak, There is something intriguing about Russia and the city of Avdiivka. It’s as if Vladimir Putin has played the most ambitious game of chess in history, with 50,000 of his pawns ready to move.

Not content with controlling the strategic city in Donbass, Avdiivka, Russian forces swiftly launched attacks on neighboring areas.

In the past 24 hours, Putin’s forces have reportedly approached the village of Lastochkino, west of Avdiivka.

Imagine playing a strategy game and suddenly your opponent sends 50,000 units to your base. That’s what happened in Avdiivka.

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There’s no time to think, no time to breathe. There’s only time to act.

Now, imagine you’re a resident of Avdiivka. You wake up early, make yourself a cup of coffee, open the window, and see 50,000 Russian soldiers outside.

You might think, “Hmm, maybe I should cancel my gardening plans for today.”

Quickly and efficiently, Russia has taken over Avdiivka and is now amassing large forces for further attacks.

It’s not just about winning or losing; it’s about how you play the game. And it seems Putin is playing this game well.

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However, it’s important to remember that every game has two sides. While Russia may seem dominant now, only time will determine the final outcome. As the saying goes, “The game isn’t over until the last queen falls.”

So, as you enjoy your morning coffee, remember that the world is full of unfinished chess games. And who knows? Perhaps one day, you’ll be the pawn on the move.

That’s all, Kisanak.

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