MediaTek Showcases Generative AI Technology at MWC 2024

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MediaTek Memperlihatkan Teknologi AI Generatif pada MWC 2024
MediaTek Memperlihatkan Teknologi AI Generatif pada MWC 2024

jlk – MediaTek, a leading company in technology and chipset manufacturer for smart devices, stole the spotlight at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) with a series of intriguing innovations.

One of the main highlights of the exhibition was the generative artificial intelligence (AI) computing technology called Ambient Computing.

Ambient Computing embraces the concept where technology can interact with the environment and users seamlessly. This opens the door for users to run high-processing power applications on their devices by distributing the workload across various connected devices.

Nicole Li, from MediaTek’s Marketing Communications division, explained, “For instance, by using smart glasses and a smartphone, we can harness the computational power from the smartphone to run heavy applications on the smart glasses with high resolution.”

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In addition to enabling the utilization of computational power in connected devices, this technology also opens opportunities for mobile operators.

By connecting to base station tower servers, operators can offer cloud computing services to their customers, creating new revenue streams.

The demonstration of this technology was presented by MediaTek at their booth, involving one tablet, one smartphone, one laptop, a mini 5G network, and a server.

When running applications on the tablet, the system automatically detects other connectable devices and distributes processing tasks among them. This not only enhances the performance and efficiency of the devices but also conserves battery power.

Furthermore, MediaTek also introduced Kompanio, a chip specifically designed for Chromebook devices.

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This chip is promoted as an all-in-one solution for users’ learning, working, entertainment, and communication needs with features such as app responsiveness, high-resolution display, quality camera, latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and battery efficiency.

Through this series of innovations, MediaTek aims to provide a better and smarter computing experience for users in the future.

With Ambient Computing technology and products like Kompanio, MediaTek is setting new standards in the technology industry.

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