The Dynamics of Agrarian Conflict, Is It a Never-Ending Story

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Dinamika Konflik Agraria, Apakah Sebuah Cerita yang Tak Pernah Usai
Dinamika Konflik Agraria, Apakah Sebuah Cerita yang Tak Pernah Usai

jlk – Agrarian conflict, an endless drama that continues to unfold on this nation’s stage.

Like a rolling snowball, it grows larger over time, involving more parties, and the issues become increasingly complex.

Agrarian conflict is a conflict related to land matters. Like a tree, its roots delve into the ground, seeking nourishment, but often encountering hard rocks in the form of disputes.

This conflict arises as a result of inconsistency or intentional actions related to agrarian resources such as Natural Resources (SDA).

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Agrarian conflict arises due to disputes or differences in decisions by two or more parties involved in land management.

Like two children fighting over a toy, except the toy is land, and the children are adults with significant interests.

Indonesia, a country rich in natural resources, ironically becomes fertile ground for agrarian conflicts.

Like a farmer who owns fertile land, but instead, it is sown with the seeds of conflict. There are many agrarian conflicts that end in bloodshed, injustice, and other impacts.

The government, as the policy holder, undoubtedly plays a crucial role in resolving agrarian conflicts.

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However, like a doctor trying to cure a patient with various illnesses, the solution cannot be instant and requires time.

Agrarian conflict, a story that continues to unfold. Like a novel with many chapters, we do not know when there will be the word “End” on its last page.

However, one thing is certain, we all hope that agrarian conflicts can be resolved soon and not add to the long list of wounds in the heart of this nation.

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