The Indonesian Democracy Ship: Navigating the Sea of Voter Ignorance

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jlk – Amidst the vast ocean of democracy, Indonesia resembles a ship sailing without a compass. Voters, with a blazing spirit of freedom, take the helm without a map or guiding stars.

They hoist the sails assuming that the winds of change will carry them to the land of dreams. However, ironically, they find themselves adrift in the boundless sea of ignorance.

Socrates in the 2024 Elections: The Rejected Captain

Imagine Socrates, a wise philosopher, resurrected from the grave and finding himself amidst the tumult of the 2024 Indonesian elections.

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He observes, with a sharpening gaze, how voters squander their voting rights by tossing ballot papers into the box as if throwing coins into a wishing well.

“Ah, how these voters prefer candy store owners over stern doctors,” he mutters, shaking his head.

Democracy or Demagoguery?

Elections are not talent shows where anyone can take the stage and sing the song of freedom.

Elections are a serious democratic process where everyone must use their vote wisely and responsibly. It’s not a place to showcase personal abilities or ambitions that do not align with the interests of the people.

This is a serious process that determines the fate of the nation. Yet, what do we see? We witness cunning demagogues parading, enticing voters with sweet promises like traveling medicine vendors.

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They speak of instant solutions, as if complex problems could be solved with a magic pill.

Voter Education: The Forgotten Panacea

In the hustle and bustle of the democracy market, the voices of thinkers are drowned out by the shouts of illusion merchants.

Socrates, patiently, tries to remind us that voter education is key.

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Without it, we will only vote based on flag colors or the sweetness of words, not on wisdom or expertise.

Time to Take the Helm

Indonesia, a land rich in culture and resources, deserves more than just a democracy party that ends in a power hangover.

It’s time for voters to wake up from their long slumber, sharpen their minds, and vote with conscience.

Only then can Indonesia’s democracy ship sail towards a bright horizon, leaving behind the dark abyss of ignorance.

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