Watching Films for Free and Legally? Here Are 10 Apps You Can Try

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Nonton Film Gratis dan Legal? Ini 10 Aplikasi yang Bisa Kamu Coba
Nonton Film Gratis dan Legal? Ini 10 Aplikasi yang Bisa Kamu Coba

jlk – Movie and drama enthusiasts from various countries often find themselves puzzled when searching for platforms that provide free and legal content.

However, there’s no need to worry anymore, as there are several apps that can meet these needs.

With these apps, you can enjoy various quality content without worrying about copyright infringement.

These apps offer a variety of films and series from various parts of the world, ranging from Indonesia, Korea, China, Thailand, to the Middle East.

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Some you can enjoy for free, while others require a subscription. But don’t worry, their subscription fees are quite affordable.

Here is a list of 10 free and legal movie-watching apps you can try:


This app offers various shows from Asia, including dramas, variety shows, and films.

Most of its content can be enjoyed for free, but there are also some that require a premium subscription.


Equally interesting, iQIYI also offers shows from Asia, such as dramas, anime, and variety shows.

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Some episodes can be watched for free, but to continue watching, you need to subscribe as a VIP.


In addition to providing Indonesian TV broadcasts, Vidio also offers films and series from Korea, Japan, Thailand, and the West.

You can choose shows labeled ‘Watch for Free’ to enjoy them without extra charges, or purchase premium packages for access to more films.

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This app offers various films and series from various genres, ranging from dramas to horror.

Although usually paid, you can watch 10 free films every month as a free member.


With Genflix, you can watch Indonesian, Korean, Western films, anime, and classic films for free with login.

If you want to enjoy premium shows, you can also subscribe.

MAX Stream

Owned by Telkomsel, MAX Stream offers Indonesian, Korean, and Western films for free with login.

You can also subscribe for access to more content.


This app offers shows from Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, and China.

Some content can be enjoyed for free with login, but some require a VIP subscription.


Provides films and series from Indonesia and Asia for free without the need to subscribe. Here you can watch popular films like The Raid and series like Dear Stranger.


This platform features shows from Asia, including China, Thailand, and Korea.

You can watch content labeled ‘Watch Free’ without extra charges, or subscribe for access to more shows.

Klik Film

This streaming service has hundreds of Indonesian Box Office films and attractive offers from Korea to the West for free. Choose films without premium logos to enjoy them.

Those are 10 free and legal movie-watching apps you can try. Choose according to your taste and enjoy your watching experience conveniently and legally. Happy viewing!

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