What is Property Management and How to Become a Reliable Property Manager

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Apa Itu Manajemen Properti dan Bagaimana Cara Menjadi Manajer Properti yang Handal
Apa Itu Manajemen Properti dan Bagaimana Cara Menjadi Manajer Properti yang Handal

jlk – You may have heard the term property management, but do you know the meaning and function of this profession? If you are interested in entering the real estate business, you must first understand things related to this field.

Property management is one of the services highly sought after by real estate enthusiasts because it involves many processes and skills that not just anyone can perform.

Property management is the activity of managing a property to increase its value, starting from raw land to becoming a building. This includes managing vacant land, development, sales, and maintenance. Houses, buildings, pools, apartments, and more – all these processes can be well-managed using property management applications.

Why is property management important? Because the value of a property tends to increase over time due to limited land availability and a growing population. Additionally, many people have multiple residences.

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However, the increase in property value will not happen if the property is not well-managed. Many buildings deteriorate due to various factors such as weather, pests, vandalism, or owner negligence.

This supports the growth of property management companies in Indonesia because the costs for management are much cheaper compared to the increasing property prices. Especially with the advent of property rental applications, investments become more profitable.

You can buy a house or apartment with a minimal budget, only paying the down payment, and already have the desired residence. And closing the budget for a loan through renting.

Therefore, you need to carefully consider the strategic location of the property you are going to buy. Proximity to the airport, city center, tourist attractions, or, if you want to turn it into rental property, a suitable location is near industrial centers and universities.

In addition, you also need to consider the quality of the building, facilities, security, and comfort offered by the property.

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Now that you know what property management is, you might be wondering, how can one become a reliable property manager? Do you need a specific educational background, special certificates, or relevant work experience? The answer is, it’s not necessary, but it’s very helpful.

Here are some tips you can follow to become a reliable property manager:

  1. Expand your knowledge about property management. You can read books, articles, blogs, or websites that discuss property management, like this website. You can also attend classes, workshops, seminars, or webinars organized by experts or practitioners in this field, like this workshop. You can also join property management communities or associations, like [this association], to share experiences, information, and network with fellow property managers.
  2. Obtain a property management certificate to appear professional. Although not mandatory, having a property management certificate can be an added value because it shows that you have competence and credibility in this field. You can obtain a property management certificate from official institutions that issue such certificates, like [this institution]. You can also take certification exams organized by these institutions, preparing yourself well by studying materials, sample questions, and exam simulations available on [this website].
  3. Send your resume to real estate companies in the city where you work. If you already have insight, certificates, and strong motivation to become a property manager, the next step is to look for a job in this field. You can send your resume to real estate companies that need property management services, like [this company]. You can also look for job openings on online portals that provide information about careers in the property field, like [this portal]. You can also leverage your network that already works in this field to get references or recommendations.
  4. Do your job well and professionally. If you have obtained a job as a property manager, you must carry out your duties and responsibilities well and professionally. You must be able to manage the property entrusted to you, from handling administration, permits, taxation, to maintenance. You must also communicate well with owners, tenants, contractors, suppliers, and other relevant parties. You must also be able to solve problems that may arise quickly and accurately. You must also be able to increase the value and income of the properties you manage by innovating, promoting, or renovating.

That’s the article about what property management is and how to become a reliable property manager.

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Hopefully, this article is helpful for those of you who want to pursue this profession or just want to increase knowledge about this field.

Property management is a challenging but promising profession if you are willing to learn and work hard. Good luck!”

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