Steps to Exchange Money Through Mobile Cash Service in Indonesia

Firman Yudha Pragusti By Firman Yudha Pragusti
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Exchanging money through mobile cash service is one of the services provided by Bank Indonesia to facilitate the public in obtaining a sufficient amount of valid Rupiah currency in the appropriate denominations. Here are the steps you can take to exchange money through mobile cash service:

Exchange Preparation

Before making an exchange, you need to prepare several things:

  1. National Identity Number or ID Card: You need to bring your identity in the form of a National Identity Number or ID card when making an exchange.
  2. Booking Proof: You need to bring proof of booking for the mobile cash exchange service in digital or print form.
  3. Rupiah Money: Prepare Rupiah money in the exact nominal amount as stated on the booking proof.

Exchange Process

After preparing everything needed, here are the steps you can take:

  1. Go to the Location: Go to the location according to the booking on the application or website.
  2. Find the Exchange Car: Look for the exchange car at the location that has the Rupiah sign.
  3. Submit Booking Proof and ID Card: Submit the booking proof in print or digital form, and the original ID card to the officer.
  4. Exchange Money: After that, you can exchange your money.

Exchange Terms

There are several terms that need to be considered when exchanging money through mobile cash service:

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  • Rupiah money must be sorted according to denomination type and emission year, arranged in the same direction, and separated between Rupiah money that is still valid for circulation and Rupiah money that is not valid for circulation.
  • Money should not use sellotape, adhesive, tape, or staples to group or combine Rupiah money.
  • Replacement for Rupiah money is given as long as the characteristics of Rupiah money can be recognized as genuine.

By following the steps above, you can easily exchange money through mobile cash service. Good luck!

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