5 Important Steps in Analyzing Properties That You Must Know

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5 Langkah Penting dalam Menganalisis Properti yang Wajib Anda Ketahui
5 Langkah Penting dalam Menganalisis Properti yang Wajib Anda Ketahui

jlk – You may have heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This saying also applies to properties, whether it’s a house, apartment, shop house, or land.

Don’t be swayed by attractive exterior appearances; instead, carefully examine all aspects related to the property before deciding to buy or sell.

Why? Because property is a significant asset that can bring substantial profits or losses. If you are careless in analyzing properties, you may find yourself in unfavorable situations, such as:

  • Buying a property at a too high price or selling it at a too low price
  • Purchasing a property with legal, technical, or environmental issues
  • Acquiring a property that doesn’t meet your needs or goals
  • Selling a property without considering market potential or appreciation value
  • Falling victim to fraud or rights abuse by others

To avoid these situations, you need to conduct due diligence or a thorough examination of the property you intend to buy or sell.

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This process involves a series of steps aimed at gathering accurate and comprehensive information about the property and analyzing aspects that can affect its value and potential.

So, how do you analyze a property correctly? What steps should be taken? What factors should be considered? Here’s a guide you can follow:

1. Identify Goals and Criteria

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