Ibn Abbas: The Companion of Prophet Who Became the Scholar of the Ummah

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Ibnu Abbas: Sahabat Nabi yang Jadi Cendekiawan Umat
Ibnu Abbas: Sahabat Nabi yang Jadi Cendekiawan Umat

jlk – Ibn Abbas, a name that might sound unfamiliar to many, but behind it lies an extraordinary figure. He was one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad who was known not only for his closeness to the Prophet but also for his expertise and intelligence in various fields of knowledge.

Born in 619 CE, Ibn Abbas grew up during a significant period in Islamic history. Prophet Muhammad had already begun preaching Islam but faced formidable challenges such as the economic boycott by the Quraysh. Ibn Abbas had a close family relationship with the Prophet, being his cousin, which made his bond with Prophet Muhammad particularly special.

Ibn Abbas’ intelligence was evident from his childhood. Prophet Muhammad himself named him Abdullah, prayed for him to be endowed with knowledge in religion, and taught him many things. He not only memorized numerous sayings of the Prophet but also learned from other companions, including the first three caliphs after the Prophet’s demise.

Ibn Abbas was not only knowledgeable in one field but excelled in various disciplines. Quranic exegesis, Islamic jurisprudence, history, and Arabic language were among his areas of expertise. Even Umar ibn Khattab, a stern leader, valued his opinions. He was also active in spreading Islam, defending the truth, and involved in resolving conflicts among Muslims.

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Not only did Ibn Abbas leave behind a valuable legacy of knowledge, but he also played a role in the history of Islamic governance. As the grandfather of Imam Muhammad al-Abbasi and having kinship ties with Husayn ibn Ali, Ibn Abbas left a significant mark on the history of the Islamic caliphate.

Ibn Abbas departed from this world in 687 CE, in the city of Ta’if, at the age of 71. However, his legacy lives on and continues to be studied by Muslims. When he passed away, Ibn al-Hanafiyah expressed a profound loss by saying, “Today, the scholar of the Ummah has passed away.”

Although he is no longer with us, Ibn Abbas remains a role model for the Muslim community. His knowledge, dedication, and role in Islamic history make him remembered and revered to this day. Ibn Abbas, the companion of the Prophet who became the scholar of the Ummah.

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