Luxurious Lifestyles of Crazy Rich Property Magnates: Facts and Controversies

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Apa Saja Gaya Hidup Mewah Para Crazy Rich Properti: Fakta dan Kontroversi
Apa Saja Gaya Hidup Mewah Para Crazy Rich Properti: Fakta dan Kontroversi

jlk – Property is one of the business sectors promising substantial profits for its practitioners.

It’s no wonder that many property entrepreneurs have managed to amass vast fortunes and enjoy luxurious lifestyles.

However, behind that luxury, there are also surprising facts and controversies accompanying the crazy rich property magnates.

Who are they and what makes them the center of public attention? Let’s explore the following review.

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Budi Said, Surabaya Entrepreneur Involved in Antam Gold Case

Budi Said is the CEO of PT Tridjaya Kartika Group, a property development company in Surabaya.

The company has several housing projects, such as Kertajaya Indah Regency, Florencia Regency, and Taman Indah Regency. Additionally, Budi Said is also the owner of Plaza Marina, a shopping center selling gadgets and accessories.

Budi Said is known as an entrepreneur who enjoys a lavish lifestyle. He enjoys buying gold, luxury cars, and traveling abroad.

However, his extravagant lifestyle has led to significant problems. In 2024, he was declared a suspect in a corruption case involving PT Antam’s gold by the Attorney General’s Office, along with four PT Antam employees.

The case began when Budi Said purchased 7 tons of gold worth Rp 3.5 trillion from PT Antam in 2018.

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However, he only received 5.9 tons of gold, while the rest never arrived. Budi Said then sued PT Antam and won in court. PT Antam had to pay Rp 817.4 billion or the equivalent of 1.13 tons of gold that Budi Said did not receive.

However, PT Antam filed a report against Budi Said and four of his employees for alleged manipulation of gold trading transactions. The Attorney General’s Office found evidence that Budi Said used fake gold purchase contracts to sue PT Antam.

The letter falsely indicated that PT Antam still had an obligation to deliver precious metals to Budi Said. Budi Said was also suspected of colluding with Eksi Anggraeni, one of Antam’s marketers who offered gold at a discounted price.

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As a result of this case, Budi Said was detained at the Salemba branch of the Attorney General’s Office for 20 days. He faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a maximum fine of Rp 1 billion.

Low Tuck Kwong, Bayan Resources Boss with Properties in Singapore

Low Tuck Kwong is an Indonesian entrepreneur engaged in coal mining.

He is the owner of PT Bayan Resources Tbk, one of the largest coal mining companies in Indonesia. According to Forbes, he has a wealth of around US$2.1 billion or approximately Rp 31.5 trillion (at Rp 15,000 exchange rate) as of October 2021.

Low Tuck Kwong is also one of the crazy rich property magnates who owns assets in Singapore. He founded The Farrer Park Company, a company that develops integrated healthcare and hospitality complexes in Singapore.

This complex consists of One Farrer Hotel, Farrer Park Hospital, Farrer Park Medical Centre, and Owen Link, a shopping center.

Additionally, Low Tuck Kwong also owns a luxury home in Singapore worth US$33 million or approximately Rp 495 billion.

This house is located in Bukit Timah, one of the elite areas in Singapore. The house has a land area of ​​approximately 3,000 square meters and a building area of ​​approximately 1,500 square meters. The house is equipped with a swimming pool, tennis court, and beautiful garden.

Ciputra, Indonesian Property Legend Leaving a Great Legacy

Ciputra is one of the legendary property figures in Indonesia whose name is well-known.

He is the founder of Ciputra Group, a property conglomerate with various major projects such as Ciputra World, CitraLand, CitraGarden, and others.

Ciputra Group also has subsidiaries in the education sector, such as Ciputra University and Ciputra School.

Ciputra passed away in 2019 at the age of 88, leaving a great legacy for his family and the Indonesian nation. According to Forbes, he had a wealth of around US$1.4 billion or approximately Rp 21 trillion (at Rp 15,000 exchange rate) as of March 2019.

His wealth was then inherited by his seven children: Junita, Rina, Cakra, Cita, Jogi, Prita, and Jody.

Ciputra was known as a generous person who cared about art and culture. He had a vast collection of paintings, around 2,000 pieces, displayed at the Ciputra Artpreneur Museum.

He also established the Ciputra Education Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides scholarships to outstanding and special needs students.

From the above review, we can see that the crazy rich property magnates have luxurious lifestyles that reflect their success in the business field.

However, this luxurious lifestyle can also lead to surprising facts and controversies that test their integrity and responsibility as entrepreneurs. Therefore, we must be wise in assessing and emulating their lifestyle.

That’s all for now Kisanak.

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