New Discoveries in Astronomy, Biology, and Physics: Summary of February 2024

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Penemuan Baru di Bidang Astronomi, Biologi, dan Fisika: Ringkasan Bulan Februari 2024
Penemuan Baru di Bidang Astronomi, Biologi, dan Fisika: Ringkasan Bulan Februari 2024

jlk – We will discuss groundbreaking discoveries that have shaken the world of science.

From the discovery of new moons in our solar system to giant anacondas crawling in the Amazon rainforest, and even altermagnetism, a new branch in the study of magnetism.

Astronomy: Three New Moons Orbiting Neptune and Uranus

In the realm of astronomy, we are often mesmerized by the endless beauty of the night sky. However, February 2024 takes us further into the mysteries of our solar system.

Astronomers have recently discovered three new moons orbiting Neptune and Uranus. This discovery increases the known number of moons orbiting Neptune and Uranus to 16 and 28 respectively.

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The announcement of these three new moons was made on Friday, February 23, 2024, by the Small Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union.

The new moon of Uranus, the first detected to orbit the giant ice planet in over two decades, may be the smallest of its kind.

This Uranian moon has a diameter of only 8 km and takes 680 days to complete one orbit around Uranus.

Biology: Discovery of 50 New Taxa and the World’s Largest Anaconda

In 2024, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) aimed to discover 50 new taxa, including animals, plants, and microorganisms.

These discoveries are dominated by fauna, with 1 genus, 38 species, and 2 subspecies. Flora also contributes with the discovery of 7 species, and microorganisms with the discovery of 1 species.

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Moreover, researchers from the University of Queensland, Australia, successfully captured a giant anaconda species believed to be the largest snake species in the world. This giant green anaconda was found in the depths of the Amazon rainforest, Ecuador, South America.

Physics: Altermagnetism, A New Branch in Magnetism

In the field of physics, a new discovery called altermagnetism has enriched our understanding of magnetism.

Altermagnetism is a new branch in the study of magnetism, first documented in the scientific journal Nature.

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This finding not only marks progress in understanding basic physics but also has significant implications in the field of spintronics.

With these new discoveries, we can see that science continues to evolve and open new horizons for human knowledge.

Let us look forward to further new discoveries that will continue to support the advancement of science.

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