From the Desert to Silicon Valley: The Story of Saudi Arabia Building an AI Empire

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jlk – In the midst of whispering sands and humming oil wells, Saudi Arabia is writing a new chapter in its history.

No longer a tale of flowing oil, but one of pulsating artificial intelligence (AI).

With the same spirit as the miners of old who drilled the earth for ‘black gold’, this nation is now poised to unearth the potential of AI with a fresh investment of $40 billion.

Smart Investments for a Bright Future

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The Public Investment Fund (PIF), the investment giant with assets reaching $925 billion, is now shifting its gaze from the gleam of oil to the glow of silicon.

In a bold move, PIF is in discussions with Andreessen Horowitz, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm, to establish a funding program that will focus on AI, chip manufacturing, and high-tech data storage.

Linear Cities and Grand Dreams

This dream is not confined to dizzying figures but is also realized in the form of NEOM, a grand city project planned to include a 170 km linear city known as The Line.

Imagine, a city without cars, without roads, only artificial intelligence orchestrating the flow of life.

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On the journey towards the future, Saudi Arabia not only aims to be a player but also a coach in the high-tech league.

With smart investments and bold steps, this nation is ready to transform ‘black gold’ into ‘silicon brains’, opening a new chapter in the history of artificial intelligence.

And who knows, one day, when we speak of AI, we may remember this whispering desert as the place where artificial intelligence found its oasis.

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