iPhone SE 4 Set to Shake Up the Market with Modern Design and New Features

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iPhone SE 4 Siap Ramaikan Pasar dengan Desain Modern dan Fitur Baru
iPhone SE 4 Siap Ramaikan Pasar dengan Desain Modern dan Fitur Baru

jlk– Apple is once again making waves with news of the upcoming launch of the latest iPhone SE.

The newest generation of the iPhone SE series, speculated to be named the iPhone SE 4, is expected to bring a breath of fresh air with a more modern design and various advanced features.

Compared to its predecessor, the iPhone SE (2022) released in March 2022, the iPhone SE 4 is anticipated to showcase a fresher design.

The iPhone SE (2022) still maintains its classic design with relatively thick bezels and the iconic physical home button. Its screen remains at 4.7 inches, rather small compared to the current trend of larger screens.

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However, based on CAD render images unveiled by the prominent tech media, 91Mobiles, the iPhone SE 4 is projected to adopt a 6.1-inch screen with thinner bezels and come with a notch.

This notch is likely to accommodate TrueDepth technology to support features such as facial authentication, commonly known as Face ID.

If these rumors hold true, then the iPhone SE 4 will be the first in the iPhone SE family to feature Face ID. Not only that, Apple is also rumored to switch the charging port from Lightning to USB-C.

This move aligns with the European Union’s policy mandating the use of USB-C ports as a universal standard by 2024.

However, the iPhone SE 4 will not adopt a dual rear camera setup like some other iPhone series.

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Apple seems to opt to stick with a single rear camera, as seen in previous generations.

It is planned that the iPhone SE 4 will be released alongside the iPhone 16 series in 2024.

Furthermore, the iPhone SE 4 will also feature OLED display panels produced by Samsung Display and BOE, and will come with the Dynamic Island feature previously only found in the iPhone 14 Pro.

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With various enhancements offered, the iPhone SE 4 is expected to become a new attraction for consumers seeking an iPhone device with modern design and advanced features.

However, this also signals that the era of the iPhone SE with small screens and classic designs may come to an end, leaving larger and more modern options for Apple product enthusiasts.

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