Russia and China: Deadly Duet on the Moon

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full moon in black background
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jlk – There’s something new in our night sky. Not a star, not a UFO, but an ambitious plan from two giant countries, Russia and China.

They plan to build a nuclear power plant (NPP) on the Moon. Yes, you read that correctly. On the Moon. The place we usually look at night while hoping to see aliens or UFOs.

Russia and China are seriously considering this project around 2033-2035. The head of the Russian Space Agency, Yuri Borisov, revealed that solar panels would not be enough to ensure a reliable power supply for research needs and settlements on the Moon.

So they decided to “upgrade” their technology by building a NPP on the Moon.

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But wait, does this mean we’ll see nuclear explosions on the Moon? Don’t worry, Borisov stressed that Russia has no plans to place nuclear weapons in outer space. So we can breathe a sigh of relief. At least for now.

Russia and China have been working together on a lunar program. Moscow plans to contribute its expertise in “nuclear space energy” to China’s joint program on the Moon.

Perhaps this is the beginning of a “deadly duet” between these two countries. Who knows what they’ll do next? Maybe build a movie theater or mall on the Moon?

So what can we learn from all this? First, Russia and China are really serious about lunar exploration.

Second, they see potential in nuclear energy as a solution to energy challenges on the Moon. And third, we all need to start thinking about what will happen if the Moon becomes a nuclear field.

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However, one thing is certain, if this plan succeeds, then we may all need to update our lullaby. “Goodnight Moon. Goodnight NPP on the Moon.”

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