Conference within the Framework of Game Theory

Alvin Karunia By Alvin Karunia
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Persidangan dalam Bingkai Teori Permainan
Persidangan dalam Bingkai Teori Permainan

jlk – Court, an arena where justice is adjudicated and laws are enforced. However, what if the court turns into a “home of auction” rather than a “home of justice”? Let’s examine this through the lens of Game Theory.

Game Theory, a theory that explains how rational actors interact in making decisions. These actors choose strategies that will impact other actors, with the goal of maximizing their gains.

For example, consider two prisoners, A and B. They are interrogated separately. If both don’t confess, they will both go free. However, if one confesses and the other doesn’t, the confessor will be sentenced to two years and the non-confessor to five years. If both confess, they will both be sentenced to three years.

In this scenario, cooperation among the agents is crucial in making rational choices. However, cooperation is difficult to achieve because if one prisoner confesses, the non-confessing prisoner will face a harsh punishment. Therefore, the most rational choice is for both prisoners to confess.

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Now, imagine if the courtroom were a “game.” The judge, prosecutor, and defense attorney are the “players.” They all have their own goals and strategies to achieve those goals. In this context, Game Theory can provide valuable insights into how this “game” is played and how its outcomes can affect justice and the law.

However, it’s important to remember that in this “game,” what’s at stake is not points or prizes, but justice and human rights. Therefore, it’s crucial for all of us to ensure that this “game” is played fairly and transparently.

In the wise words of a famous philosopher, “When people ask me stupid questions, it is my duty to respond with sarcastic comments.” So, if you’re wondering if there’s a way to ensure that this “game” is played fairly, the answer is, of course, there is. However, it requires effort and commitment from all of us.

So, let’s continue to fight for justice and the law, and let’s continue to question and challenge the existing system. Because, as said by a famous writer, “I’m not saying I hate you, what I’m saying is you are really Monday in my life.”

May this article provide you with new insights into how Game Theory can be applied in the context of court proceedings. Always remember that in every “game,” what matters most is not winning or losing, but how we play.

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